David has over 30 years of experience within the industry. He graduated from Shandong University of Technology in 1988, spent many years in the research and practical operation of welding technology in China. He moved to Canada in 1998 and has been engaged in the actual operation, engineering design and management of the welding industry. David was also a teacher at the best regarded welding institute in Toronto, Institute of Technical Trades, where he taught students the practical skills of welding. In terms of technical expertise there are few who can match David for his knowledge and work.

In 2003 David decided to venture out on his own and started Bethel Welding. He is a proud business owner and builds his business on technical expertise, quality of work and honest service.


David在行业中拥有30多年的经验。 他于1988年毕业于山东工业大学,在中国从事焊接技术的研究和实践工作多年,是一名具有丰富实际操作经验的焊接工程师。他于1998年移居加拿大,一直从事焊接行业的实际施工、运营、工程设计、质量监督和管理工作。

David也曾是多伦多焊接技术培训学院( Institute Technology Trade )最受好评的焊接老师(instructor),向学生教授焊接的实用技能,考取各种CWB certificate,堪称具有丰富实践经验和理论相结合的专业人士。

2003年,David独自创建了Bethel Welding Ltd. 开始了自己的创业之路 ......